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    Is there a way of directing output from a query in SQLDeveloper to a dynamically named file on disk?

    I am required monthly to produce these CSV files, each named after their month; and I have not been able to programmatically set the name of the file for the SPOOL command.

    On the same topic:

    Is there a way of saving the output of a script to disk? Currently I am using dbms_output.put() and then manually saving the output to a file, but it is messy and error-prone.

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    Hi Jeff – Your BLob article tells about loading and looking at imagery with blobs in SQLDeveloper but How do I remove a blob from a row. I don’t want to remove the entire column, just the one blob from a row.
    the row contains things like UUID, filename, description, image data as a blob, and a few other things. for my testing, I put in an image and now I want to remove just that one image from my table. I’ve googled it but have not found the answer. Seems like this should be easy and straight forward but it is stumping me.

    • thatjeffsmith

      I show how to do that, or one way how to do that, here.

      Good or bad, I have way more than 1 ORDS+BLOB posts…

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      Marie Alm

      Hi again – I did an update on that row and set the blob cell to null. It seemed to work. I guess I didn’t need to write you but I didn’t find that way to do it until after I had written you my comment. If I need to do something else to, say, reclaim space, please do let me know. — Thanks.

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