This is probably the #1 power feature for SQLcl, the ability to run JavaScript. The examples I use to demonstrate this the most are:

For example in just a few lines of code…

Kris’ handy js library with examples.

No support for Nashorn in Java 17

What is Nashorn? It basically allowed for the JVM to also support running JavaScript. It’s much more than that, but end of day, it’s close.

The feature was deprecated in Java 11. It was completely removed in Java 15.

SQLcl ONLY support Oracle Java 11 and 17 today, so you need to run 11 if you want to use the script command to work with js.

I like both, but go with 11 if you want this feature.

What happens if you try with Java 17?


How to fix it

You have two options, Oracle Java 11 or the GraalVM for Java 11.

Now, why would we look at GraalVM?

Faster always sounds good to me, let’s give that a try!

I’m going to get Oracle GraalVM Enterprise Edition Windows x86 for Java 11, Download GraalVM

I simply unzip that.

Then open a cmd prompt.


Yeah, that’s Windows.

Start SQLcl.


Then let’s run our script command, again.

It’s very informal JavaScript.

Using JAVA_HOME to tell SQLcl where to find Java

That’s brand new in SQLcl 22.1. On Windows, the native EXE was coded to go straight to the Windows Registry to look for Java. It made switching between versions of Java on Windows painful.

Now, if you use a Windows Installer to put down Java 11, it should setup your Windows machine to use it by default, and SQLcl will be impacted by that.

But now in 22.1, you can simply set JAVA_HOME to the Java Home you want the sql.exe to use, and you’re good. Turloch, if you’re reading this, we all say, ‘Thank you!’


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    Do you thing it might be possible that sqlcl would come compiled with GraalVM?


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    @leor, Good news. GraalVM now supports version 17.

    While SQL Developer does not officially support Java 17, it still works there too. Me like!

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