Everything’s been updated (bug fixes only), save SQLcl.

I noticed some of the web caches are still serving old pages, I’m seeing these all available from my Verizon phone though, so they’re live-live. If you still see the old versions, just wait a bit and refresh.

SQL Developer


Some logic we had to determine your ORACLE_HOMEs on Windows was causing serious performance issues when executing queries and scripts. The workaround is/was to add an $ORACLE_HOME environment variable, even if it pointed to (null).

The fix is now available with 21.4.3.

SQL Developer Data Modeler


Updated the Log4J library to match what SQL Developer was already using.



Fixed a bug around the PL/SQL Gateway –

“Bug:33502385 – ORDS: PL/SQL Gateway not accepting parameter names with special characters”

Also made it such that ORDS can handle both /ords/r/… and /ords/{schema}/r/…

Updated some libraries:

  • SODA 1.1.10
  • Rappid 3.4.1
  • Jersey w/Jackson 2.13.1

What about 22.1?

ORDS (and SQL Developer Web) version 22.1 are going through the final phases of development and should be ready in a few weeks.

The next planned updates for SQL Developer/Data Modeler will be releases 22.2 in June.


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