New versions of most of the DBTools products are now available!

A QUICK recap –

ORDS / SQL Developer Web

Download ORDS 20.3

Our biggest update since SQL Developer Web originally shipped, version 20.3 brings you:

  • Object Viewers
  • REST Development
  • JSON / SODA interface
See table, click and view table. Hit Esc to close the ‘Slider’
Develop and manage your RESTful Web Services and OAUTH2 Clients…in your browser!

We didn’t have time to include the AUTO REST tables, views, and PL/SQL features – but that’s coming next (20.4).

Create collections, add documents, Query by Example, diagrammed data guides

For the JSON feature, you need the SODA_APP role and you need a connection a 19c or higher version of Oracle Database, then the JSON card will appear on the SQL Developer Web home page.

I have a lot more to say/show/demo on all of these features, but trust me when I say this is a BIG release for ORDS.

How easy is it to get SQL Developer Web going? Here, watch the movie!

Let’s install ORDS, & login with SQL Developer Web & publish our first RESTful Web Service!


Download SQLcl version 20.3

Lots of bug fixes, and a new command – MODELER.

Generate DDL (or reports) from your SQL Developer Data Modeler designs!

What about SQL Developer?

No version 20.3, although we have version 20.4 in the works, and version 20.4 of all the products are scheduled to be released in time for the end of the year.


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