On Thursday, May 7th from 7AM Eastern Time to 1PM that afternoon, the Oracle Database Team will be hosting 6, 50 minute sessions highlighting the benefit of the Converged Database.

A converged database is a database that has native support for all modern data types and the latest development paradigms built into one product.

Converged databases support Spatial data for location awareness, JSON for document stores, IoT for device integration, in-memory technologies for real-time analytics, and of course, traditional relational data. By providing support for all of these data types, a Converged Database can run all sorts of workloads from IoT to Blockchain to Analytics and Machine Learning. It can also handle any development paradigm, including Microservices, Events, REST, SaaS, and CI/CD, to name a few.

Read more on this topic from Master Product Manager, Maria Colgan on her blog.

The Topics

I’ll be co-presenting in the Wine topic 🙂

You can ‘register‘ for the session(s) of interest, and get a meeting appts (.ICS) for your calendar, or you can start in bright and early and hang out with us for the entire morning!

I’ll be hosting the event, introducing speakers, and sharing my bad SQL jokes. You can also watch me learn how to use Data Miner live against some wine tasting records, so that should be fun.

Oracle Data Miner UI
I’m still working on my predictive model for winning lottery ticket numbers.

The Format

To accompany each topic, we’ll have a hands-on lab / questions that you can run through in the Oracle Cloud- so no complicated setup required. And we’ll have a Cert you can show off if you’re able to complete the entire set!

Of course these will be recorded, but it’ll be much more fun if you can join us. Our Twitter #hashtag is #dbhouseparty.

See you then!


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