The 18.4 version product lines of SQL Developer, SQLcl, Data Modeler, and ORDS we’re pretty much limited to bug fixes.

A significant bug fix for ORDS (all of which are listed in the Release Notes) is this gem:

  • BUG:27808357 – Enhance performance of AutoREST tables/views

Large schemas and REST enabled tables were seeing not-very-good response times. For example a GET on a /ords/{schema}/{table}/ to get the first 25 rows was taking more than 23 seconds when there was 1,000+ tables in a schema (the customer’s use case.)

But wait, what is this ‘AutoREST’ feature you speak of?

You get SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DESC, and CSV Loading out of the box for an AUTO REST enabled table.

Now in my demos, this would run in a matter of seconds, but even then it was a bit longer than you’d want when thinking in terms of web response times.

But my schemas were SIMPLE.

So in 18.4, I’ve added 1,000 tables (3 columns each) to my schema, REST enabled my STRAVA table, and ran a request for activities WHERE DISTANCE > 0

My rig is a Mac Mini host with browser and ORDS 18.4 going against a Oracle VBOX 18c db on Oracle Linux.

Our internal findings saw orders of magnitude faster response times – exact numbers will vary of course depending on your setup.

I paged through several sets of 25 record groups and was seeing anywhere from 1-2 seconds on the response.

Now, there is another performance bug logged around our AUTO feature – and that is with AUTO PL/SQL objects in LARGE schemas, think ‘APPS‘ – work is ongoing to improve this as well, so stay tuned.

Another ORDS 18.4 Fix of Note

  • BUG:29049176 – Show 403 Forbidden status when REST Service fails due to database user lacking privilege to access objects referenced in the SQL statement
HR can no see X$ bits.

Note that it’s not that we know that table or object exists and you can’t just access it…it’s just that the SQL results in a ORA-00942: table or view does not exist.

Before this change, ORDS would just give you a HTTP 500…ew ew ew.


I'm a Master Product Manager at Oracle for Oracle SQL Developer. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.


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