You’re at the command-line, you need to add a data file to your tablespace.

You get most of the way through it, and you forget what’s next, doh!

In SQLcl, you can just hit the TAB key, and we’ll help you with the next keyword.

So not only do we have tab-completion for object and column names, we also look up keywords from the syntax diagrams in the Oracle Docs.


Here’s an animated GIF.

Use your imagination, I’m just trying different things.

When you see the word go from lowercase to UPPERCASE and completing, that’s where I’m hitting the TAB key.

Type, type, type, all day long. Type, type, type while I sing this song...
Type, type, type, all day long. Type, type, type while I sing this song…

Update 2/8/2016

The developer decided making you type the first letter was too much…you can invoke the help immediately. This should make the next OTN update/release.

Thanks, Vadim!
Thanks, Vadim!

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  1. vadim tropashko Reply

    The 1 char requirement is unreasonable indeed. A preliminary test shows this feature useful when keyword prefix is empty:


    P.S. Please note that there is limit to the number of keywords we show. The list is truncated to 7 most frequently used keywords (in this grammar context).

  2. Hi Jeff,

    This is a very cool feature that saves my time by eliminating the extra typing I have to do when I make typos in keywords, but the doesn’t give me any hints unless I type at least 1 letter from the next keyword. Is that the way it’s supposed to work? Or should it also be able to give me all the possible keywords that I could use next when I hit without giving any letters.


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