Ever get a SQL statement from someone desperate for help?

There’s 2 things these people do that drive me nuts:

  • they send a SCREENSHOT of their code
  • they send the Query as a single line of text

If I’m in the command line, it’s real easy to fix the 2nd problem.

Just use the FORMAT command.

Disclaimer #1: No one sent me this code, this was just the first thing I found in my history that was on a single line…

Disclaimer #2: Don’t send me screenshots of your code.

Oh, I forgot to qualify the schema name...
Oh, I forgot to qualify the schema name…

Short, simple, sweet.

Want leading commas? Cue that religious debate…but you can get that, if you want.

For 2016, we are cooking up some fun things for you folks that use the code formatter in SQLcl or SQL Developer – so stay tuned.

If you’re missing out on other new features – like if you are still using DESC over INFO – use the HELP command. We go out of our way to help you NOT miss the goodies.

We underline & bold the new commands now.
We underline & bold the new commands now.

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