I’ve taken a TON of screenshots of both SQL Developer products to demonstrate features. I was playing around with Flickr to see if there was a better way to re-purpose this content other places.

Here’s what that COULD look like.

I have a few hundred more to add to this photo album. This is just a test 🙂

If I find this portable, we can add it other, more official places.


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  1. The embedded viewer is too small to allow text to be read. It does not seem to have a zoom control on it, so you have to go to Flickr to get a larger view. There, the text is large enough to read, but… the 3 band layout, with a header, the image, and a footer, does not leave enough space in the footer for your description of the image. Also, the interleaved sponsored links are distracting.

    The embedded viewer, with the slideshow feature, and a text overlay description of the slide is a nice presentation format. If you could find a way to allow expanding it to full or close to full screen, and an option to allow control of the slideshow (go/pause, faster/slower) .

    My observations were made in Firefox on Win7 on a 17″ laptop.

  2. As part of an instructional package is great tool. I wish I had something like that in Solaris Systems Instructional Models. Flickr may not run in Solaris.

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