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  1. Thanks Jeff
    inside this complex web of functions and features it is not easy t find where they come from .. 😉

    • Any SET command will have built-in help, if that fails, Google will almost always lead you to the right spot.

  2. SQL DEV 21.4. The search in the online-help for SQLFORMAT gives no results – is it indented?

    • It’s a SQLcl / SQL Developer scripting feature. If you run this in a SQL Worksheet using F5 (Script)

      help set sqlformat

      You’ll get back a pretty decent description of the feature.

      SET SQLFORMAT { default,csv,html,xml,json,fixed,insert,loader,delimited,ansiconsole}

      default : SQL*PLUS style formatting
      csv : comma separated and string enclosed with "
      html : html tabular format
      xml : xml format of /results/rows/column/*
      json : json format matching ORDS Collection Format
      json-formatted : json format matching ORDS Collection Format and pretty printed
      fixed : fixed width
      insert : generates insert statements from sql results
      values (7369,'SMITH','CLERK',7902,to_timestamp('17-DEC-80','DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM'),800,null,20);

      loader : pipe (|) delimited enclosed with "
      7369|"SMITH"|"CLERK"|7902|"1980-12-17 00:00:00"|800||20|5555555555554444|

      delimited : CSV format with optional separator , left, and right enclosure
      set sqlformat delimited [separator] [left enclosure] [right enclosure]
      set sqlformat delimited , < >

      ansiconsole : advanced formatting based on data and terminal size
      set sqlformat ansiconsole : base format
      set sqlformat ansiconsole default : number formatting to ###,###.###
      set sqlformat ansiconsole : Mask following Java DecimalFormat

      set sqlformat ansiconsole -config=highlight.json : highlight matches in results

      highlight options :
      Example :

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