This post was almost NULL – I was deep in Power Point mode for Open World, and almost forgot to write today’s post! Also, another admission: I said back on Day 1 of this series, that I was planning on doing 5000 push-ups this month as well. Well, I gave up on that a few days ago. I’m still pushing them out, but 5,000 ain’t going to happen – sorry Philip!

Ok, conscience clean – onto today’s post…

Working with the absence of data can be a pain. Forget the logic bits when it comes to SQL and maths – just looking at records, it can be hard to tell when you’re seeing strings with spaces vs NULL strings.

So, SQL Developer wants to make that easier on you and your eyes.

This can also be a good way to get a chuckle out of your audience when doing presentations.
This can also be a good way to get a chuckle out of your audience when doing presentations.

To the Preferences!

Note: the display background color preference currently doesn't play nice if you have the 'Grid in Zebra...' preference enabled. We're working on that :)
Note: this option currently doesn’t play nice if you have the ‘Grid in Zebra…’ preference enabled. We’re working on that 🙂

Look, every post can’t be a huge, awesome thing like yesterday’s SSH Tunneling post. But this feature has saved me some headaches, more than a few times.


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  1. Love this feature!

    But I second Arpod:
    I would prefer not-so-striking colours that don’t scare anyone.
    (Sure, light grey is not frightening, but I would prefer something less obtrusive as I just need some extra info and no warning.)

  2. Is there a way to input custom RGB for null background? By editing XML directly or something. I’d prefer a slight gray tint, it’s king of distracting otherwise.

  3. hey, you don’t need to explain short posts. I love this kind of post more than anything!
    a small and focused tip that makes thing better – on that I can just say “the best is good enough” :o)
    I really love this 30 days – 30 tips campaign. Looking forward for each and every daily tip.

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