I said earlier today that version 4.0.2 of SQL Developer consisted on ONLY bug fixes. I should have said MOSTLY bug fixes.

There was also one minor tweak, although it was a minor tweak to a major feature: Completion Insight.

This is the feature that kicks in while you are typing – suggesting column or table names to help you complete your SQL statements in an editor. Watch this quick video to see it in action.


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  1. Piyush Singh Reply

    I installed version sqldeveloper- and ctrl-space doesn’t work for Completion Insight. I am using DB2 as a database and used required jar to add new connection.
    Is the Completion Insight not working because I am using DB2 rather Oracle?


  2. I installed Version Build Main-16.84 and my Insight is also no longer working. Unchecked and checked all boxes in features and it doesn’t change anything. Definitely a bug.

  3. Observing a strange behavior:
    1. Complt.Insight not working by itself, but works when press Ctrl-Space;
    2. It shows only tables/views; when typing . no table fields are displayed, even after Ctrl-Space.
    I’m running in debug mode, which produces a lot of messages in the log.
    What exactly I should be looking for with regards to the above Complt.Insight problem…? I don’t see any particular msg with sql populating insight list…

  4. hi Jeff,
    I recently installed SQLDeveloper Completion Insight simply not working!! :(. Obviously checked menu Tools->Preferences for this feature, seem to be all setup.
    Is there any trick to get it to work?
    (curious if there are any dependencies from Java version in use…)


    • No dependencies on Java. The tricks are not to confuse the parser.

      So, in a completely blank worksheet, try

      select * from hr. –> You should get a list of tables in HR.

      Does this work?

    • yes, Im connected to DB. (no I dont have HR schema, but have a bunch of others which I have full access to; migrating from TOAD, where this feature was working fine…)
      to be exact, Im using:
      Oracle DB ver. 10R2, driver ver.

    • You could try running SQL Developer in debug mode and capture the queries we’re running to populate those insight lists.

  5. Hi Jeff,

    I intended to mention the same bug, Jad already did.
    Hope drag and drop functionality comes back in the next version, it’s one of my favourites!

    Happily there’s still plenty of functionality that compensate this little bug by far.

    Regards Henry

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