A customer wanted to know how they could quickly see what tables were in one database, but not in another.

They don’t want to run a DIFF, they just want to click-click-click-BAM!

Yeah, I went there
Yeah, I went there

So, we want to go from here:

Ok, here's the tables in THIS database
Ok, here’s the tables in THIS database

to here:

Two Schema Browsers, floating
Two Schema Browsers, floating

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Open A Schema Browser
  2. Float it
  3. Repeat as desired

And this is why I love doing customer sessions.

I haven’t been asked this question, ever. But today, a very fun group in Texas threw it out there. It’s very satisfying as a presenter to not know the answer, but after a few seconds having the tool give you what you need. I had not attempted this maneuver until today.

Keep the questions coming! If it’s unrelated to this topic, use the ‘Ask Me a Question’ link up top.


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