We actually have THREE patches for you:

  1. Oracle SQL Developer 4.0.1
  2. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
  3. Oracle REST Data Services, formerly Oracle APEX Listener, 2.0.6

Bug Fixes, Mostly

SQL Developer had a few dozen or so bugs that have been addressed. A few major fixes of note include the new ASH/AWR stuff not working when connected to RAC instances, and the debugger being busted when trying to use watches.

The latest and greatest
The latest and greatest

The Modeler had it’s fair share of bugs of course. But we also sneaked in a couple of new features 🙂

You can now skip partitions and triggers on your Oracle Data Dictionary imports, remove objects from your SubViews, and improved mouse+click+zooming in the diagrams.

Useful when importing tables with THOUSANDS of partitions
Useful when importing tables with THOUSANDS of partitions

Introducing Oracle REST Data Services

Bridging the innerwebs and your data
Bridging the innerwebs and your data

Oracle REST Data Services (formerly known as Oracle APEX Listener) is a J2EE-based alternative for Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) and mod_plsql.

We think the new name is more descriptive and accurate. There’s no requirement to be an APEX user to have use for REST Data Services. And the word ‘listener’ has a very strong connotation already with the Database Listener. And it’s all about the REST 🙂

So get your updates!


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  1. Yep – tried to turn off: AUTOTRACE, ECHO, TERMOUT

    Nothing worked….code still appeared.

    Any workarounds ?

    • Nope, but the developer confirmed it’s a bug, so it should be addressed in a future release.

  2. How can I prevent PL/SQL code from echoing into the script output window ?
    Set Serveroutput Off kills the query results, but not the code.

    • I think that’s a bug – the dbms_output should ONLY be going to the dbms_output panel. The developer was looking at this as of 2 weeks ago…

  3. Hi Jeff I noticed some behaviour when opening connections that was not present in previous incarnations. If I have snippets and SQL history views open and one of those panes has the focus, if I then right-click a connection and select “open SQL Worksheet” the tab is opened in the pane which had focus i.e. I started in snippets and the pain opened to the right of snippets. Previously this opened in the main central pane. Is this correct? From a UI perspective I like the expectation that any new SQL worksheets will always appear in the central pane.

    Another oddity is the SQL History pane contains timestamps with dates in the future. 10-June02015

    Another nice to have is the ability to click edit snippet and it opens up the snippet you want to edit not a complete list of all snippets i.e. snippet manager.

    It is a great product though hence I only usually feedback on products I actually want/like to use.

  4. There’s no impact to the Data Miner functionality when this upgrade is applied, is there ?

    • Mark Simms

      After installing the new SQL Developer release, launching Data Miner brought up a dialog indicating the data miner repository had to be upgraded ? If I do the upgrade, will the older release of Data Miner still be operational with the upgraded repository ?

    • Mark Simms

      And the answer is:
      The Data Miner repository is SQL Developer/Data Miner Client version specific. If you upgrade SQL Developer and upgrade the Data Miner repository, older versions of the Data Miner client will not work on the upgraded repository.

  5. Any plans to support Postgresql Database Connectivity in upcoming releases ?

    • Sometimes yes.
      For the most part , connectivity .

      We can connect to MS SQL Server , mysql from SQL developer using third party driver ( aka jar files) . But for postgres it doesn’t work.

      I was wondering , if in the future releases postgres connectivity is supported ?

    • Probably not until the market dictates migration support from that platform to Oracle Database. If you need help there, let me know, we can probably get something going.

    • Chuy Sanchez


      We have a shop that is mostly Oracle with one particular area using Postgres. We use SQL Developer as our data browser but we’re having issues browsing Postgres. I can connect to my Postgres installation but when I try to browse the data I get the following error:

      An error was encountered performing the requested operation:

      ERROR: Could not begin transaction on data node.

      Vendor code 0

    • Not sure what I can do…if you want help migrating your Postres system over, let me know.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    great work !!! However, only small
    request -> Can you add more commands to the shortcut keys option etc. copy selected colum header(s) ?

    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Hello,
    Cannot agree more with the new name, “Introducing Oracle REST Data Services”.

    Not sure what is new in 2.0.6, but I hope that the length of Blob file ( Media Resources ) will be included in the HTML header.


    • 2.0.6 is JUST bug fixes. The next release will have TONS of cool new features though 🙂

      For your question regarding the HTML header, I would post that over in the forums.

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