A lot of folks contact me off-line, asking if I really do hate Chet, or do I just like kidding him. Mostly, it’s me forgetting that Chet hates it when I InitCap his Twitter handle, @oraclenerd. Or am I remembering that he hates that? Hmmmm…

Anyways, I needed to write this post so people would know, that, ‘yes’, I really do like picking on Chet.

He refuses to wear my Toad t-shirts, and more importantly, refuses to send me one of his t-shirts. And really folks, we’re into the blogging for the T-shirts.


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  1. This should tell you how busy I have been…

    Do you really get emails asking that? I think you should name names and then send them this link.

    • JeffS

      It’s like we’re sharing a brain or something Gary, get out of my head!

  2. I think there are a few Jeff Smith’s out there, but there’s only one THAT Jeff Smith.

    I need to print up some WWJD stickers maybe?

  3. T-shirts ? What about baseball caps, stress balls and things that go squeak when you sit on them. There’s a whole range of promotional stuff out there.

    PS. You’ve got a name sake down under. From today’s Australian:

    “We’re actually moving to a fully virtualised environment and the goal is to allow any employee to bring that (own device) in,” Jeff Smith, chief executive of Suncorp’s business services division

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