Reading List

I spend a lot of time on-line. Most of my news and editorial content is found via Twitter posts, but there are a few outlets that I check out on a regular basis. If you enjoyed my writing at all, I think you’ll love reading what these folks have to say!

Oracle and SQL Developer Stuff

  • Kris Rice – my boss and creator of SQL Developer. Insight to how stuff ‘really works’
  • Barry McGillin – SQL Developer, developer!
  • Dermot O’Neill – another developer who blogs SQL Developer
  • berxblog – A DBA who is willing to share his time and expertise
  • ORACLENERD – OBIEE and other things that make my head hurt
  • Laurent Schneider – prolific and EXCELLENT content
  • DBAKevlar – DBA rants and lots of great tuning advice
  • ODTUG Blog – The Oracle user group dedicated to developers and the tools they use, does it get any better than this?
  • KelloggsDBA – I learn just as much about parenting and being a good person as I do Oracle stuff

Data and Databases

  • Brent Ozar – Yes, he does SQL Server, but his insight in consulting, server technology, and humor is top notch. I learn A LOT from this guy.
  • InfoAdvisors – Karen Lopez knows her data, she loves it, and it really shows
  • Erin Stellato – She lives in an evil parallel universe, but she’s a great writer and I enjoy seeing how the other half lives

Folks that Blog About Blogging