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SQL Developer Data Modeler Quick Tip: Preferred Data Types

There are many data types to choose from when defining your table columns. The eighty percent rule tells us we can probably get away with a smaller subset of data types eighty percent of the time. Here is what the ‘TYPE’ control looks like in the modeler when defining a column: I was curious to […]

Day 0: In the beginning…

…there were email and VPN accounts. Had my first conference call, complete with desktop sharing. Direct deposit and tax forms are out of the way. Everyone (I think) is remote, so instant messaging is one of the preferred communication methods. Looks like we’ll have a chance to meet in person for a team meeting outside […]

My New Gig

The good folks at Oracle, namely @krisrice, approached me this past Summer with an offer I found myself unable to refuse. The short version would be something like, ‘Hey, come join our SQL Developer team.’ So next week, I will start the next chapter of my professional life as the Product Manager for Oracle’s primary […]

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