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30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days, Day 24: Hiding Schemas That Don’t Own Anything

Many applications will create user accounts in the database that do not own anything. They have privs to query the main application schema, but will never be used to create tables, views, etc. When you’re browsing the database via the Tree in SQL Developer, you probably won’t want to see these ‘fake’ users. Just Apply […]

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How to Hide Schema Notation from Tables in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

Today’s question: Argh ! How can I remove the schema name from the relational diagram for a table in Sql Data Modeler ? Let’s take a quick look at the user’s source of frustration. I’ve previously reverse-engineered several Oracle schemas into a relational model in Oracle SQL Developer. HR and two other HR-Cloned users containing […]

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Toad for Oracle Tip: Custom Queries

There are SO many little nuggets in Toad that you can take advantage of. To list all of them would be a daunting task. Here’s one that you may have overlooked, Custom Queries. If you right-mouse-click on an object in the Schema Browser, you’ll see a list of operations you can perform. Take a second […]

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Up to this point, I have demonstrated my mastery of the Roman Numeral System, Toad’s IntelliSense and Group Execute technology, and Toad’s SQL Optimization technology. In this post I’ll finish the conversation with an overview of Toad’s Compare and Synch feature set. For your reading enjoyment and my time constraints and sanity, I will show […]

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