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Stop Doing That! – In Oracle SQL Developer

One of the coolest bits of The Matrix, was the ability for the main characters to ‘download’ new skills or objects into their virtual reality. Like Neo could learn Kung-Fu with a simple button click. Today, I want all of you to take the (Oracle) Red Pill, and download your SQLDev knowledge pack. These are […]

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Response: Normalization Myths that Really Make Me Crazy

Disclaimer: When I wrote this I was not an employee of Oracle, a RDBMS vendor. I am now, and you should know that. First, please go read Karen Lopez’s rant on Normalization Myths here. Now, a bit of my experience with relational database theory, design, and practice. As a senior Computer Science undergraduate I took […]

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RANT: Database Security Should Be Handled by the Database

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to help them setup their database application or utility to not ‘let someone do something in the database they are not supposed to do’ over the past 10 years, I would literally have about $347. This is generally how it goes: Them: We want […]

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