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A little DB curious? (Databases that is)

Since I announced my new job at Oracle, I’ve had more than a few friends and associates approach me about databases. They’ve always wondered just what it is that I talk about all the time, or perhaps they want to get their feet wet and want to know more about data in general. I think […]

Moving Data to Oracle with Migration Workbench

I’ve been referring customers to SQL Developer’s Migration Workbench for a few months now. I thought it might be a good idea to give it a try myself before I send any more children out to play with the wolves. This is NOT a formalized review. This is a quick glance at a cool tool […]

Manage Your WordPress MySQL Database with Toad and Spotlight for Free!

Disclaimer: I work for Quest Software. I am paid to promote and help sell their software. Did you know we also give away a lot of software, with no intention of selling it? One of the most popular database platforms out there is MySQL. I’m going to guess that’s because it is free (for now). […]

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