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‘Modeling’ View Dependencies in SQL Developer Data Modeler

Today’s question: Please let me know how can I represent relation between view and base table in ER diagram created using sql datamodeler version4. So I know what the person is getting at here. They want to see the dependencies. Generally speaking, there are no actual relations between views and tables. Exception: you CAN define […]

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How to Synch your Oracle SQL Developer Data Model to a Different Database

First a couple of quick notes: You can synchronize your model or your database and generate an ALTER script When you import one or more objects from a data dictionary to your model, it ties that model to that particular database So the challenge presnted is: who do I compare my model against a different […]

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Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Primer: Navigating Designs, Models, and Diagrams

It’s worth a few moments to get your bearings when using a new program. Or maybe you’ve been using SQL Developer Data Modeler for awhile now, and just haven’t taken the time to understand how designs, models, and diagrams are handled. This short post will fill in a few gaps and increase your comfort level […]

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