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Oracle Database 12c SQL Translation Framework: Fixing Bad SQL

One of the new Database 12c features is the SQL Translation Framework. Developed primarily to help customer migrate their 3rd party applications and databases to the Oracle stack, it also offers application DBAs an opportunity to substitute poorly performing SQL with their own custom SQL – without changing the application itself! Do I have your […]

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Using the KScope13 Mobile App Schedule Builder to Maximize Your Oracle SQL Developer Experience!

ODTUG’s KScope13 event is just around the corner. This year, as always, we have a ton of Oracle SQL Developer content ready to share in the form of sessions, hands on labs, and symposiums. I’ve noticed a few of our users are also sharing their experience in their own sessions – awesome! If you’re going […]

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Oracle Developers Should Go to ODTUG’s KScope

Full Disclaimer: I’m speaking at KScope. When I talk about how awesome the speakers are, I’m excluding myself, naturally. ODTUG USED to stand for ‘Oracle Developer Tools Users Group.’ Their scope has broadened to include more than just the developer audience, but it’s nice to remember this was and mostly still is a group FOR […]

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Thoughts on ODTUG Kscope12

This wasn’t my first rodeo, and it wasn’t my first Kscope, but it was probably my favorite one. What is Kscope? It’s the annual conference for the Oracle Development Tools User Group. 1,000+ attendees from 20+ countries with an average Jeff Klout score of 65. I just made that metric and score up, but this […]

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SQL Developer Blitz at ODTUG Kscope12

Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) puts on an outstanding event, and I enjoy that the content comes FIRST. Yes, the after-event parties and entertainment are first class, but I look forward most to sitting in on some excellent sessions. For Kscope12 one would expect Oracle to have a large presence, and you would be […]

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