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Oracle XE: Xtra-Awesome Edition (FREE)

Did you know you can run Oracle RDBMS for free? Updated on 11/25/2011 – 11gR2 now available for Windows x32 and Linux x64 Yes, there are limitations (fine print), but just about anyone can take advantage of this offering. So, why should you care? Maybe you are a developer, and your DBA refuses to grant […]

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SQL Saturday for an Oracle Guy

I recently had the opportunity to attend a SQL Saturday event, #46 in Raleigh, NC. Techie Training, on a Saturday. Really? Yes, really. And I had some reservations before attending. However the fact that this event was free, minus $10 for breakfast/lunch, and the entire #SQL universe on Twitter has had nothing but good things […]

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Proposed Outline: Toad Book

Time. I finally have some ‘free’ time. I have chosen to spend this time wisely. Instead of being reactive to e-mails, phone calls, IMs, tweets, pokes, etc, I am going to get serious about my book. The book has been inside my head for several years now, and I feel comfortable enough with the story […]

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