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Why are developers in Prod? (Again!?!)

I received a very interesting question from a reader the other day, which is awesome for two reasons. One, it gives me something to think about and play with. And ‘B’, it provides me with material for today’s blog post. So here’s the original question – We would like to capture inofmation like who, when […]

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Using the Red Pen AKA Code Reviews

I used to love getting my essays handed back to me from my teacher. I would quickly look for the red ink comments scattered throughout my paper. I was looking for approval – ‘Yes Jeff, you are truly a genius!’ I do not get the impression that developers either enjoy reviewing co-worker’s code, or having […]

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Coming up with themes and titles for a blog post can be very challenging. You want something that will catch the eye, but not be so random or out of left field that no one catches your drift. This morning I had two themes battling inside my head for this post. Welcome to the Jungle […]

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DBAs Versus Developers

On Thursday, September 30, 10:30AM EST, Bert Scalzo and I will be doing a Quest sponsored Webcast – “DBAs Versus Developers.” Sign Up/Register for the Webcast That sounds awfully contentious, Jeff! When visiting customers I am often talking to a group of developers in the morning and DBAs in the afternoon. In the morning, I […]

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