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Custom SQLFORMATs with SQLcl

When I make jokes about copying and pasting code from StackOverflow or Github, I’m not really joking. But in this case, it’s OK. Because, I’m copying and pasting code from OUR GitHub project, AND my boss wrote the code. A question came in, and it’s come in a few times, but here’s the most recent […]

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DELIMITED text files are popular ways of passing data around. CSV anyone? The C stands for ‘Comma’ – regardless of what your smug European friends may have told you 😉 #TonguePlantedFIRMLYInCheek Anyways, in SQL Developer, when using the export dialog to get a DELIMITED export for your dataset, you can set the delimiter and the […]

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SQL Developer: Preferences for Delimited Text Exports

Yes, it’s true. Some people export their data to formats other than Excel. Another popular format is ‘delimited,’ where fields are defined by a delimiter. The most famous of these is CSV, a comma separated values file. So your data can be read by another program quite easily because it knows where one field stops […]

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