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Four Oracle SQL Developer Preferences You Should Know

In an earlier blog post I listed my ‘Top 10 Preferences to Tweak…’ Instead of amending that to Top 14, I wanted to give a fresh and updated take on some features that directly impact productivity and data quality. After doing three customer calls in three consecutive days, I realized I was spending a lot […]

Oracle Date Datatype Should be DateTime DataType

Want to confuse an Oracle database n00b? Ask them if their query takes into account the time component of a date when they code their WHERE blahDate between … AND … logic. But sir, my dates do not have a time associated with it. You must be confusing this with TimeStamp. See, that has the […]

Date Night

For most couples, ‘date night’ is something to look forward to, but unfortunately does not come around often enough. For others, even the word ‘date’ sends a chill down their spine. It’s not an adverse reaction to their partner, but rather a unpleasant reminder to the daily toil that is working with DATE formatted data […]

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