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SQL Developer Data Modeler v3.3 Early Adopter: Search

The next version of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is now available as an Early Adopter (read, beta) release. There are many new major feature enhancements to talk about, but today’s focus will be on the brand new Search mechanism. Data, data, data – SO MUCH data Google has made countless billions of dollars around […]

Oracle Open World 2012: SQL Developer Recap

Last week was the ‘big show’ in San Francisco. I was very happy to meet many of you in person. And many of you had questions – lots of questions! We had full or overflowing rooms for our sessions and hands-on-labs. The SQL Developer ‘booths’ were also slammed several times. So exciting to see so […]

DDL Script Previews in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

Data Definition Language (DDL) is used to describe an object in SQL. When you model a table in your relational model using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, you are probably very curious as to the code that is being generated to represent that object. You can peek into this code using your mouse – You […]

Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)

I have a nasty habit of not thinking. I take something for granted or assume something for so long, that it corrupts my original learning or understanding of a concept. And then when someone calls me out, my first reaction is to defend my ‘shortcut’ thinking instead of re-evaluating my set of assumptions. So I’ve […]

Managing Different Physical Implementations of your Relational Data Model

Near the end of a product demonstration with a customer yesterday, someone asked how they could build physical models for each of their different environments using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (SQLDev.) Imagine having a application and database setup ‘out of the box’ that adequately described your meta data. But, you might have one implementation […]

SQL Developer Data Modeler Quick Tip: Preferred Data Types

There are many data types to choose from when defining your table columns. The eighty percent rule tells us we can probably get away with a smaller subset of data types eighty percent of the time. Here is what the ‘TYPE’ control looks like in the modeler when defining a column: I was curious to […]

SQL Developer Data Modeler Navigator Can Get You There I Bet!

Just so you don’t think I’m crazy, you should know that I’m a father to a wonderful two year old daughter. She’s awesome, except when she wants to act her age. When we get desperate, we turn on her favorite show. I have seen about 200 different episodes of Dora the Explorer. My Spanish is […]

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