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7 Ways to Avoid SELECT * FROM Queries in SQL Developer

I said there were 8 ways to avoid using SELECT * FROM queries in SQL Developer – but I didn’t actually count them. So let’s do that now. @MarkusHohloch @tobias_arnhold there's about 8 ways to get columns to your query — OracleSQLDeveloper (@OracleSQLDev) November 23, 2016 But wait, what’s wrong with SELECT * FROM queries? […]

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Oracle SQL Developer: The Definitive Guide to Completion Insight

Can SQL Developer help me finish my SQL or code? Probably. Here’s a quick showing of what it’s capable of. Need more help on the syntax? Click on the keyword in the last two examples, and you’ll be taken to Oracle DOCS syntax pages for that command. Update: I Found One More! Not working? A […]

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