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Oracle SQL Developer Book?

I’m frequently asked about books for SQL Developer. There are a few out there, with the most obvious example being from former Product Manager Sue Harper. I love books, and I’m a voracious reader. But books pose a few problems in the techie space: they are out of date the day they are printed they […]

Quotes for My ‘Book': A Million Little Tadpoles

I thought it would be cool to include some personal stories and quotes from people who have had a good experience with Toad. So, please step up and give me some juicy bits to share with my readers! I have nothing to offer but your future celebrity as tens of hundreds of people stumble upon […]

What I’m Reading

I love books. I remember when my local school system had a partnership (evil plan) with Pizza Hut. For every six books I read, I earned a free personal pizza. I was reading upwards of 10-20 books a month when I was in elementary school. This may have been partly due to me living in […]

Proposed Outline: Toad Book

Time. I finally have some ‘free’ time. I have chosen to spend this time wisely. Instead of being reactive to e-mails, phone calls, IMs, tweets, pokes, etc, I am going to get serious about my book. The book has been inside my head for several years now, and I feel comfortable enough with the story […]

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