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Adding Columns to a Table in SQL Developer Data Modeler: Honor Column Order?

I have an employees table. Because it’s 1984, HR has decided we need to know Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and who knows what else. So let’s add it to our table. The dialog by default puts new columns at the bottom of the table. We’ll see why in just a moment. On a side note, […]

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How To Version Control Your SQL Developer Data Modeler Designs

Today I want to talk about how to version control your Data Modeler designs with Subversion. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is free. Subversion is free. So for no money, you can design your database objects, and version control them for one or more people. I’ve put together some slides for your enjoyment: Oracle SQL […]

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How to Synch your Oracle SQL Developer Data Model to a Different Database

First a couple of quick notes: You can synchronize your model or your database and generate an ALTER script When you import one or more objects from a data dictionary to your model, it ties that model to that particular database So the challenge presnted is: who do I compare my model against a different […]

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Synching your Oracle SQL Developer Data Model with the Database

So you’ve been working on your data model, and you’re wondering how far ‘out of whack’ it is with the production or development database instance. Sometimes folks manage to compile changes into the database, bypassing your design process and rules. If you’re wondering how to compare 2 models instead of your model with the database, […]

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