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Toad for SQL Server v5.5

Toad is an Integrated Development Environment for SQL Server, also known as an IDE (wiki). Never heard of Toad before? Toad is famous in the Oracle world, but it probably more like the best-kept-secret in the SQL domain. Most folks find it because they are looking for ‘Toad’ that will help them with SQL Server. […]

Toad for SQL Server: Program Your SSMS SP Keys

It happens more often than I like to admit, but I was asked a question about Toad that I could not figure out. A co-worker was trying to help a customer emulate a SSMS feature – the ability to program stored procedures to a keyboard shortcut or keystroke sequence. I got part of the way […]

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Replaying Activity in SQL Server

Load testing is an interesting topic. Application load testing is what most people are familiar with. They either use something like LoadRunner, or they ask half the company to ‘jump on the website and start clicking buttons.’ But what about the database? In this case, what about SQL Server? Will it be able to sustain […]

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One Click to Rule Them All

This feature has been around for awhile in the Toad product family (SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, and Data Analysts), however it was upgraded for Toad for SQL Server, version 5.0. Here’s a quick run-down: Open the Editor Load up your T-SQL and get ready to have fun. You will need to activate the ‘Group Execute’ […]

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Up to this point, I have demonstrated my mastery of the Roman Numeral System, Toad’s IntelliSense and Group Execute technology, and Toad’s SQL Optimization technology. In this post I’ll finish the conversation with an overview of Toad’s Compare and Synch feature set. For your reading enjoyment and my time constraints and sanity, I will show […]

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Introducing Toad for SQL Server Pt II

That’s right folks! Toad for SQL Server has been recognized AGAIN as the best development tool for SQL Server. In a previous post I talked about Toad’s IntelliSense and Group Execute features. Skip back to Part I Skip ahead to Part III Let’s continue the conversation now with a quick introduction on our SQL Tuning […]

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Introducing Toad for SQL Server, Part 1

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past decade, Toad is one of the most popular database administration and development tools for the Oracle RDBMS. It just so happens that Toad is also available for Microsoft’s SQL Server platform. Skip to Part II Skip to Part III This blog […]

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