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SQL Developer Blitz at ODTUG Kscope12

Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) puts on an outstanding event, and I enjoy that the content comes FIRST. Yes, the after-event parties and entertainment are first class, but I look forward most to sitting in on some excellent sessions. For Kscope12 one would expect Oracle to have a large presence, and you would be […]

ODTUG Webinar: SQL Developer Tips and Tricks

Looking forward to attending KSCOPE12 in San Antonio? Yes? Awesome – I will see you there. I’ll be presenting two sessions: SQL Developer Tips and Tricks Debugging PL/SQL With SQL Developer No? Can’t make it? That’s OK, because I’m working with the awesome folks at ODTUG to bring my SQL Developer Tips and Tricks session […]

Your Guide to New Features in Oracle SQL Developer version 3.1

Did you miss the big news yesterday? We released the next version of Oracle SQL Developer, 3.1. SQL Developer is the IDE for the Oracle database. Millions have downloaded it, more have used it. We try to do one to two releases a year and look to support those folks doing development, management, modeling, migrations, […]

Hint Abuse: SQL Server vs Oracle

I’ve overheard the SQL Server folks talking about the challenges of support applications where the NOLOCK (or is it NO_LOCK?) hint has been deployed to make transactions and queries go faster. This probably causes more problems than it solves, and rather trying to rehash what I’ve heard second hand, I suggest you go listen to […]

Oracle Discovery Tool?

My employer has a freeware utility you can run on your network to find and document instances of SQL Server. One of SQL Server’s primary advantages is also one of its primary disadvantages – you can spin one up in a manner of minutes. To grow deals at a company buying our SQL Server software, […]

SQL Server VS Oracle: Index Monitoring

Jealousy is not an emotion I generally feel for the SQL Server technology stack. I covet their Twitter camaraderie, but I ‘know’ that Oracle can counter just about anything thrown at it. People that Helped Me with this Post I was reminded that even old dogs can be taught new tricks while monitoring the #SQLSaturday […]

Trade Show/User Group Season

Think the NHL or PGA seasons are brutally long? Try keeping up with all of the SQL Server and Oracle events. The friendly folks in Denver, CO tend get the conference ball rolling with the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group (RMOUG) Training Days event. I had the pleasure to attend a couple of years ago […]

Oracle vs SQL Server, Take II

Missed PT I?: Read Part I my favorite aspects of each RDBMS platform Update: Read PT III where I talk about monitoring indexes I had the pleasure of hanging out with @oraclenerd and @SQLChicken earlier this year in Tampa, FL. It was remarkable for a couple of reasons, but what I remember most is playing […]

Oracle Vs SQL Server

Disclaimer and Update: I now work FOR Oracle. So keep that in mind when you read these posts. Of course I wrote them BEFORE I started at Oracle, but I still figure you ought to know that…does that mean I think that Oracle wins the debate now? I’ll let you guess how that works I’ve […]

Oracle Open World Brain Dump

So this was my 3rd Oracle Open World, and not much has changed in terms of my experience as a ‘booth boy’ in the Vendor Exhibition Hall. However a few things definitely got my attention. I will need to re-evaluate how I treat the opportunity to attend this conference going forward. I should get registered […]

Advice for Oracle Open World Attendees

Updated for 2011! While I’m not going to Open World this year, I’ve never let a little thing like that keep me from giving someone my advice. Especially when it’s to strangers on the Internet! If I were attending as a developer/DBA, here are the things I would be doing: Put my Twitter handle on […]

My ‘New’ Job

I have never been really good at telling people ‘No.’ Let me clarify that – I have never been really good at telling people I work with ‘No.’ This trait put me in an interesting position recently when both @BrentO and @CHasker Instant Messaged me at work. Apparently I was the lucky guy to run […]

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