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Oracle Open World 2012 is Here!

Just a quick post today and then probably not much more until next week. Speaking, running hands on labs, meets and greets, and trying to keep up with folks like @oraclenerd means I won’t have much time to write until I get home from San Francisco. Wanted to give a quick shout out to my […]

Oracle SQL Developer v3.2.1 Now Available

Oracle SQL Developer version 3.2.1 is now available. I recommend that everyone now upgrade to this release. It features more than 200 bug fixes, tweaks, and polish applied to the 3.2 edition. The high profile bug fixes submitted by customers and users on our forums are listed in all their glory for your review. I […]

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SQL Developer at Oracle Open World 2012

We have a lot going on in San Francisco this fall. One of the most personal exciting bits, for what will be my 4th or 5th Open World, is that this will be my FIRST as a member of Team Oracle. I’ve presented once before, but most years it was just me pressing flesh at […]

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Oracle SQL Developer v3.2 is Now Available!

Today we released the latest version of Oracle SQL Developer – v3.2.09.23. The official resources: SQL Developer on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Release Notes New Features SQL Developer Forum I’ll showcase a few of my favorite new features and tweaks in the next several days and weeks, but I thought I’d kick things off right […]

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Thoughts on ODTUG Kscope12

This wasn’t my first rodeo, and it wasn’t my first Kscope, but it was probably my favorite one. What is Kscope? It’s the annual conference for the Oracle Development Tools User Group. 1,000+ attendees from 20+ countries with an average Jeff Klout score of 65. I just made that metric and score up, but this […]

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SQL Developer Blitz at ODTUG Kscope12

Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) puts on an outstanding event, and I enjoy that the content comes FIRST. Yes, the after-event parties and entertainment are first class, but I look forward most to sitting in on some excellent sessions. For Kscope12 one would expect Oracle to have a large presence, and you would be […]

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ODTUG Webinar: SQL Developer Tips and Tricks

Looking forward to attending KSCOPE12 in San Antonio? Yes? Awesome – I will see you there. I’ll be presenting two sessions: SQL Developer Tips and Tricks Debugging PL/SQL With SQL Developer No? Can’t make it? That’s OK, because I’m working with the awesome folks at ODTUG to bring my SQL Developer Tips and Tricks session […]

Hint Abuse: SQL Server vs Oracle

I’ve overheard the SQL Server folks talking about the challenges of support applications where the NOLOCK (or is it NO_LOCK?) hint has been deployed to make transactions and queries go faster. This probably causes more problems than it solves, and rather trying to rehash what I’ve heard second hand, I suggest you go listen to […]

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Oracle Discovery Tool?

My employer has a freeware utility you can run on your network to find and document instances of SQL Server. One of SQL Server’s primary advantages is also one of its primary disadvantages – you can spin one up in a manner of minutes. To grow deals at a company buying our SQL Server software, […]

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