We unfortunately can’t join you in person this year, but we DO have some exciting news and learning opportunities to get you all the information you need to know for building amazing applications with your Oracle Database.

The event is called, Oracle Database World, and it’s completely free!

When: October 26-27, November 2-3, December 1-2.

We’ll be running the event three times, optimized for three different parts of the world: North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific…in that order.

The sessions may differ a bit between locations, so be sure to check the detailed schedules.

What: Simu-live sessions, keynotes, and LiveLabs

Our sessions will be largely pre-recorded, but we’ll be on-hand, LIVE, to handle your Q&A. Our LiveLabs are exactly what they sound like – live, hands-on opportunities to give our technology a spin, with an instructor-led classroom environment.

And last but not least, some Keynote presentations from our database executive team to let you know what you have to look forward to for all things Oracle Database.

Database Tools Topics

I’ll be covering tips and tricks – but for the entire product line, SQL Developer, SQL Developer Web, SQLcl, Data Modeler AND ORDS. All in 30 minutes…

A Tips & Tricks Sneak Peek!

Here’s a small preview of what you can expect from my talk:

Using ORDS to build Modern Applications

Our newest product manager, Jiadong Chen, will give a brief introduction to REST, and how ORDS makes it easy to build REST APIs for the Oracle Database. Plus, he’ll show how to incorporate ORDS REST calls, backed by OAuth2, in a sample Python application!

Both of our Simu-live sessions are in the afternoon on Day 2 of the events.

Join Jiadong and I to learn all about our tools and have some fun doing it!

REST & CI/CD LiveLabs

We’ll have two different LiveLabs available. You can learn all about ORDS and REST APIs, and you can learn about change management for your Oracle Database for CI/CD using SQLcl & Liquibase.

The lab format has been optimized for Zoom-based-learning! What does that mean?

We’ll have break-out rooms staffed by experts (members of our development teams!), to help you with any problems or just questions.

We’ll have a pre-recorded video of the lab being taken that you can alt-tab to if you just want to follow along.

And finally, we’ll have a live, instructor lead classroom style presentation of the lab.

All things Oracle Database

If for some reason you’re not interested in our stuff, you should still attend! ALL of our Database Experts will be on hand to share their expertise!

And my favorite part – each session is only 30 minutes long! So you can squeeze in almost 2x the content in the same hour spend in your average Oracle event.

APEX, Spatial, Converged, Exadata, Autonomous, HA Data Guard/RAC/Sharding, SQL, JSON, Installs & Upgrades, 21c…ALL THE THINGS will be covered.

This is like, only a third of our speaker list!

I'm a Distinguished Product Manager at Oracle. My mission is to help you and your company be more efficient with our database tools.

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