How to Reset Your SQL Developer Preferences/Settings

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We store the application settings PER user. So find where your OS stores files for your OS user.

These settings are stored HERE on Windows (…AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer):

They are stored HERE on Macs and *NIX ($HOME\.sqldeveloper):

The number system should look familiar...

The numbering system should look familiar…

Find the directory that corresponds with the version you are running and having problems with. Rename it. Restart SQL Developer – you should be running ‘stock, out of the box.’

This can also come in handy any time the application hangs on a start-up or starts to act weird.

Or if you want to copy settings around, here’s where you’ll find them.

You can also find your SQL History – we store them per User, not per version.

One query/script per file. These are loaded into memory on start-up: hence we don't recommend setting your SQL History limit to 30,000 #TrueStory

One query/script per file. These are loaded into memory on start-up: hence we don’t recommend setting your SQL History limit to 30,000 #TrueStory

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  1. You can change the default directory by setting the System Environment Variable IDE_USER_DIR to your new directory.

    Steps worked for me (Windows 10 and SQL Developer Version
    1. Copy all the folder C:\Users\my_user\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer to the new location, D:\SQL Developer for example
    2. Create a new System Environment Variable IDE_USER_DIR with value D:\SQL Developer
    3. Open SQL Developer and done!

  2. Jeff – I love this blog of yours! Seems like the only good place to find Oracle SQL Dev info…

    Wiping out my history had a superb impact on the speed of starting/stopping SQL Developer.

    I’d already parred things back to fairly minimal functionality (eg lots of things turned off, as per one of the other posts on here which explains about Extensions etc etc) but pretty quickly the speed improvement was being eroded.

    It’s odd as I’ve kept my history setting low (50), but if it’s a choice between no history and fast vs history and slow I’m ditching the history!! There’s clearly something up with the history as CPU goes to 100% and I hear my laptop fan go mental! (it’s a decent-ish work machine, with 8Gb RAM and an SSD)

    Before trying this, I was wondering if something was up with my Java set-up (like some weird path problem) but looks like it was this all along.

    If it’s useful to know: I’m on SQL Dev, Win64 with 64-bit JDK (needed for other reasons) 1.8.0_71-b15 (I’ll be updating that shortly)

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  3. We have our own custom setup for SQL Dev where we start with a stock folder, make all our company-wide changes and preferences, then zip up this folder. We’ve customized the Tools menu with a call to a script to reset everything back to the company defaults. The script asks for you to shutdown SQL Dev and then it unzips to the user’s profile directory. It’s also called the first time a new user starts up SQL Dev.

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