On Conferences: Time to Put Tips & Tricks to Pasture?

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I love performing my tips & tricks session. No two talks are alike. I frequently update the slides and content to account for new things I’ve learned and new features we’ve added.


I’ve been delivering this talk going on 4 years now.

Should I let my talk at Open World 2015 be my last hurrah of this topic for awhile? Maybe do more talks on Oracle Cloud, REST, data modeling, reporting, tuning, database administration, etc?

And I realize that many of you have never seen me deliver this talk because you don’t attend conferences, so maybe this isn’t pertinent to you – thanks for allowing me to take a second to talk about meta-things here.

I won’t do a formal poll, but I will read with great interest your comments here, tweets, and random FB/LinkedIn jabs and insults 🙂

The Talk in YouTube format:

45 minutes, recording from Oracle Open World 2014

45 minutes, recording from Oracle Open World 2014

The Slides via SlideShare:

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