Oracle SQL Developer v3.2 is Now Available!

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Today we released the latest version of Oracle SQL Developer – v3.2.09.23.

The official resources:

I’ll showcase a few of my favorite new features and tweaks in the next several days and weeks, but I thought I’d kick things off right now with a new ‘trick!’

Easily Drag and Drop Multiple Object or Column Names to the Worksheet

We’ve supported Drag and Drop (DnD) from the tree to the worksheet from the very beginning. One of my favorite ‘tricks’ involves building SQL statements with the JOINs automatically generated via the WHERE clause.

Version 3.1 and Older DnD Context Menu

Drag and drop tables or views to the Worksheet

Very nice, but what if I just want the table or object names copied over? Yes, I could use the Intellisense feature in the worksheet. But sometimes I like to mouse things instead of keyboard them.

Version 3.2 DnD Context Menu

In 3.2 you can now ask for the names instead of a statement

When I select my tree objects and drag them over, it simply copies the names over – in the order I clicked them!

Generated FROM and SELECT clauses using SQL Developer DnD to the worksheet

Pretty simple, right? But I’m a big advocate of simple and basic features. I think they can have a much larger impact on the end user’s productivity. This is an example of a feature you might use several times a day/session/hour. Versus using a feature like our Data Pump wizard that you might use just a few times a month.

Simple Feature, But Still Intelligent

If I drag objects or columns from my connection schema, no schema prefix is added. However, anything I DnD from the ‘Other Users’ tree nodes WILL prefix the schema name.

Current schema, no prefix. Foreign schema, prefix. Brilliant!

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