SQL Developer Trick: Double-Click to Go Full Screen

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No matter how many monitors you have or how large they may be, sometimes you just need more real-estate for your coding. You can have a whole lot going on in your IDE, and SQL Developer is no exception. Of course you can always close or hide the offending panels and windows, but then it’s a real pain to get them back.

WordPress has a nice fullscreen editor I can use when writing these posts. It’s just a click away…

The Word Press Full Screen Post Editor

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same thing in SQL Developer? For example, I’m trying to work on my query in the worksheet, and I’m having problems concentrating…Squirrel!

Oracle SQL Developer in all it's 'glory'

Just Double-Click on the Tab to go full-screen

Double-click to go full-screen

Et voila! SQL Developer closes all the other panels and you get JUST the worksheet (or PLSQL Editor.)

Nothing comes between you and your code!

When you’re done, just double-click to go back to your normal view.

If you happen to close a support panel like the Snippets, remember you can always get those back by going to the View menu. And if you’d prefer to minimize or hide the panels, just click on the little minimize ‘_’ button at the top right of each panel.

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