SQL Developer Quick Tip – Connection busy? Spawn a new worksheet!

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Got a great question off the Twitter-verse this morning from @ApoloDuvalis
“ SD (SQL Developer) you cannot use the same connection in a different command window until the busy command is done or aborted.”

I know many of you aren’t familiar with queries that take so long to run that you have to wait on them, but believe me, they are out there! Anytime I need a query that takes more than a few seconds to run, I jump to the data dictionary views and ask for stupid things like this –

select b.data_object_id, d.text from all_objects b, all_source d
where b.object_name =
order by b.last_ddl_time desc;

Don’t even bother looking at the plan for that, it’s nasty, and that’s kind of the point really! Anyways, it takes about 30 seconds to run, and I need to do other things while I’m waiting for that to come back.

Extra Bonus Tip!
Use statement delimiters (;) to end your queries, then you can use Ctrl-Enter to auto-execute the query at cursor. If you don’t use statement delimiters, you may have to select the text you want to execute first.

Hurry up already, I gotta go!

Here is the keyboard shortcut you need to memorize for the Worksheet


‘N’ probably stands for some weird coder jive like ‘Nero’ or ‘Narnia’, but I’m going with ‘New’, as in ‘New Worksheet.’

If you can’t remember this, then you can always pull it up in the SQL Developer Preferences window, on the ‘Shortcut Keys’ page.

Find all of your keyboard shortcuts here

Once you hit that key sequence, SQL Developer will fire up another window to that same instance so you can work up your next query to save the world (or build that spreadsheet for your boss.)

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