My Oracle Twitter List

Are you new to Twitter, and need people to follow to get the conversation started? If you work with Oracle, then please continue reading.

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I harangued (definition) my colleague and close friend this morning until he relented in joining Twitter. He specializes in Oracle, so I thought I would send him a quick who-to-follow list in the Oracle Community.

As I was building this list, I was a taken back a bit by how large it ended up being. My impression for awhile has been that the SQL folks were dominating the Twitter-verse, but I think the Oracle crowd has come on strong in the past few months. If you are new to Twitter and work with Oracle, I suggest you look at these fine folks.

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Please note the editorial descriptions are my take on the accounts based on my interactions and observations…if I have you pegged wrong, please let me know!

Twitter Accounts that Talk Oraclein no particular order
@GrumpyOracleDBA – Just the RIGHT amount of grumpy.
@surachart – Will trade Oracle Help for English lessons :)
@martinberx – German, extremely willing to help others
@petefinnigan – celebrity status, security expert
@DBAKevlar – Pythian consultant. Pythian folks seems eager to help and share
@oakies_blog – OakTable, club of oracle experts. This is their blog feed
@patch72 – PL/SQL expert
@dannorris – Exadata guy for Oracle
@RobPaller – talks about terradata too
@dgielis – APEX dude
@sueharps – SQL Developer PM
@markrittman – UK consultant
@alexgorbachev – Pythian, certified genius, and Russian. Scary dude :)
@GregRahn – another oracle employee, has a great blog
@syd_oracle – Gary Myers, in Australia, super nice guy
@eddieawad – finds some of the best Oracle blog posts
@neilkod – genius programmer, likes Toad
@oraclenerd – hates database GUIs, but I like him anyway
@CaryMillsap – Method-R, need I say more?
@thelongsilence – NZ DBA, RAC/ASM/Datawarehouse gOD
@krisrice – Dev Manager for SQL Developer. We trade war stories.