Signs You Travel Too Much

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The circle of people I follow in the IT world have recently been blogging about their travel habits. It’s no accident – companies are investing large amounts of money in business travel now. Hopefully if you meet someone face to face, they will listen to you next time you randomly call and ask for their attention in some matter.

Yes, I know, that’s a bit blunt, but you’re naive to think a vendor is coming to visit you because they enjoy your company.

Anyways, here’s a my short list take on signs you’ve been travelling too much:

  • Your significant other gets excited at the thought of you being home for an entire week
  • You haven’t unpacked your bag completely in over 6 months
  • The words ‘Gold’, ‘Platinum’, & ‘Executive’ have a much different meaning for you
  • You speak in airport codes – ‘Yeah, I was in PHL the other day…’
  • You wonder if your DVR still has that episode you wanted to watch from last season
  • Your Out-of-Office notification is on more often than not
  • You recognize the bartenders at the airport
  • The airport bartenders recognize YOU
  • You remember fondly the time last year that ‘travel’ meant at most 1 week out of a month
  • If a majority of these items apply to you, then congratulation on joining the club. I hope your loved ones are patient and never taken for granted!

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