I Have the Money to Buy My MacBook Pro, but…

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Updated 3/16/2014, Full disclosure: I picked up a 13″ MacBook Air this week

I’m not sure I want it anymore.

No, I do still want one, but the annoying voice in the back of my head has all but shut up. I know what you’re thinking, somewhere an angel has just lost it’s wings because I’m being selfish. As a professional geek, I’m supposed to buy this stuff and talk about it to everyone I come into contact with in order to help the charity case that is Apple.

But. Now that I have the money set aside, I’m looking at just how much money it really is. Let’s look at my dream-machine:
My Mac Book Pro

How could I NOT want this beautiful machine!?! Like I said, $2800 is a lot of money. It’s not too much money for what it is. These machines are unbelievably fast and well made. And I just love that the underlying OS is a Linux derivative. Here’s the real problem, I just got word about my new work machine:
Dell Lattitude E6510. Do I really need a wicked fast personal laptop when I already sleep with a wicked fast work laptop?

I needed a new work machine that could support more memory as I need to run multiple commercial RDMBS via VMWare images. That means I needed a 64 bit machine that supported at least 8GM of RAM – just like the MacBook Pro. Does it run the Apple OS? Is it as sexy as the Apple? Will my tech-frenemies be as jealous as I want them to be? No, but I’m realizing those are critical needs. I can’t justify several thousand dollars on a ‘toy’ that only satisfies wants and not needs. And besides, getting exposure to Win7 will satisfy a bit of my tech exploration jonesing that I thought I needed a MacBook for.

Here’s what I do with my home PC now:

  • Surf the web
  • Pay the bills
  • Host my home theater content – movies, music, photos
  • Appreciate my quandary?

    Apple does. In fact, they’ve invented a machine that addresses my real needs AND wants at a much lower price point. Now I can get what I need and save a bunch of dough for the little one’s college fund. And, my friends will still be jealous.

    Update: The MacBook Air

    Four years later…and my Mac Mini isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. It can’t handle 2014 I/O loads with 2009 hardware – lots of pausing, freezing, stuttering. It’s pretty old as far as computers go.

    SSD and plenty of RAM means this VM flies

    SSD and plenty of RAM means this VM flies

    So I bought a MacBook Air. The wife wanted a laptop. My ego still wanted the MBP. So I compromised, but not my much. The Air is super fast. I upgrade the memory and HD to the max available. It runs my Oracle Database 12c VirtualBox image with no problems. It sucked in the 5GB+ image in less than 2 minutes, pretty impressive.

    It’s still going to be used for paying the bills, web surfing, and iTunes 🙂

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