Oracle Database 12c Release 2: Analytic Views & SQL Developer

thatjeffsmith SQL Developer 12 Comments

One of the major new features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 is Analytic Views. An analytic view is a type of view that can be used to easily extend the content of a star schema with aggregated data, measure calculations and descriptive metadata, and to simplify the SQL needed to access data. Analytic views layer a hierarchical/dimensional model over …

Oracle SQLcl new commands, find and which

Updated SQLcl: 2 New Commands, Bug Fixes, and 12cR2 Oh My!

thatjeffsmith SQL Developer 11 Comments

You have a new version of SQLcl to download this morning. Lots and lots of bug fixes – again, thanks everyone in the community for providing feedback so we can make continuous improvements. A few things of note: Two New Commands They do pretty much what you’d expect. You’ll also notice something new on startup/connects if you’re using a ‘local’ …

PL/Scope in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 and Oracle SQL Developer

thatjeffsmith SQL Developer 7 Comments

PL/Scope is one of my favorite features. It answers SO many questions. Where am I declaring this, where am I calling that, when am I referencing something? And, I can get this information automatically, without hitting the big, fat SOURCE data dictionary views. I’ve talked about this previously… …BUT, PL/SCope didn’t help me with tracking the SQL I used in …