I should have known this, but apparently we offer you up a list of your variables when working in the PL/SQL code editor.

activated as always, with ctrl+space
activated as always, with ctrl+space

It even identifies my string and number variables as such.

activated as always, with ctrl+space
activated as always, with ctrl+space

42 words, so this is definitely a QUICK TIP.


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  1. Thanks Jeff,

    that does indeed change auto-populated text to lower case. The flipside is that changes keywords to lower case as well, which I don’t want. What I’m after is:

    SELECT column_name FROM table_name;

    There’s the option Lower Keywords, Upper Identifiers which gives the perfect opposite of what I’m after:

    select COLUMN_NAME from TABLE_NAME;

    Obviously not a show stopper – a subsequent F7 will upper case my keywords – but a Upper Keywords, Lower Identifiers would be welcome ( unless there’s already a way to do it automatically ).

    Thanks again

    • thatjeffsmith

      I have good news for you, and about 30 others that have asked for this recently. Unfortunately I can’t give you the good news right now, so you’ll just have to imagine what and when that news will turn out to be 🙂

  2. Is there a preference anywhere that controls the case of auto-populated text?

    My hunch is that most developers prefer column names to be in lower case, reserving upper case for keywords.

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