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Oracle SQL Developer v3.2 is Now Available!

Today we released the latest version of Oracle SQL Developer – v3.2.09.23. The official resources: SQL Developer on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Release Notes New Features SQL Developer Forum I’ll showcase a few of my favorite new features and tweaks in the next several days and weeks, but I thought I’d kick things off right […]

‘Forcing’ Line Breaks in Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer is at its heart, an Interactive Development Environment (IDE.) So it comes with the territory that developers should expect to be able to write good code quickly. One of the many code ‘helpers’ that a good IDE will provide is a Formatter. Formatters, or code beautifiers as they’re also known, take poorly […]

SQL Developer Trick: Renaming Your Worksheets

After a VNC session with the always brilliant @bamcgill, I now know how to rename a worksheet. So when you open a worksheet, it’s attached to a database connection. The worksheet name is a property, and it defaults to the connection name. So you DO you have a lot of control over the worksheet name. […]

I Say Snippet, Snippet Good: SQL Developer Snippets

There’s nothing worse than the ‘white screen of panic.’ You’re faced with the prospect of actually writing some code from scratch. Or even worse, you’re doing a presentation or demo, and everyone gets to see what a horrible typist you are. Yes, this is about Snippets, and Snippets are cool. But if you’re a keyboard […]

Does SQL Developer Support ‘Word Wrap’ a la Notepad?

The quick answer: ‘Mostly.’ Simple question of the day – how do I get SQL Developer to word wrap like Notepad does? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then here’s a screenshot of some text before and after word wrap is applied in Notepad: No Word Wrap Word Wrap A SQL Developer Example […]

Tag Team your SQL w/the IDE & Visual Query Builder

I’m a keyboard ‘ninja.’ I know how to get a lot of characters to splat up on my screen in as few keystrokes as possible. Yet sometimes I do fall back to the mouse. Cue the command-line SQL*Plus diehards rolling over in their graves. One of my favorite tricks is the ability to drag 2 […]

Formatting Query Results to CSV in Oracle SQL Developer

I find that programs that are developed by the same folks that use that program in production are some of the best applications out there. The developer is the user. They have to eat their own dog food – an unpleasant metaphor, but one that’s pretty well understood. Two great examples of that here are […]

Tracking Script Changes Locally in Oracle SQL Developer

Source control systems are a vital component to any serious software development environment. Tracking and merging changes, branching new versions, or reverting back to a previous incarnation of the code is so much easier when you have your source code versioned in a system like Subversion or CVS. Of course source control isn’t the answer […]

SQL Developer Query & Grid Tricks

It helps to know the developers. They can tell you things that are not documented in the help or release notes. They mostly don’t hide things on purpose, mostly. They often build things into the application to aid themselves, but usually it’s for the end user’s benefit. @krisrice sent me over a few nuggets to […]

SQL Developer Trick: Double-Click to Go Full Screen

No matter how many monitors you have or how large they may be, sometimes you just need more real-estate for your coding. You can have a whole lot going on in your IDE, and SQL Developer is no exception. Of course you can always close or hide the offending panels and windows, but then it’s […]

Code Completion Insight with Oracle SQL Developer

Most third generation language (3GL) IDEs have trained hackers like me to expect the tool to write some of the code for them. Regular internet folks are already used to having search terms and URLs auto-completed in their browsers. I don’t want to get into a debate over whether this makes us lazier AND dumber, […]

SQLDev Tip and Trick: Drag and Drop to Worksheet

Dragging and dropping tables to the worksheet is a pretty obvious feature – it copies the object names over for you. But did you know you had the option to get more bang for your buck? Once you do the drag, you can select what you want copied to the Worksheet. If you don’t see […]

SQL Developer Quick Hit: Split and Side-by-Side Editors

Want multiple scratch pads for your queries? Have a hundred+ line stored procedure? Then here are two tips for you! Side-by-Side Worksheets To get started you’ll need at least two worksheets open. So something like this Next, you can either click and drag the 2nd worksheet tab to the right or underneath. If you drag […]

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