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Oracle Date Datatype Should be DateTime DataType

Want to confuse an Oracle database n00b? Ask them if their query takes into account the time component of a date when they code their WHERE blahDate between … AND … logic. But sir, my dates do not have a time associated with it. You must be confusing this with TimeStamp. See, that has the […]

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Average Run Time for Oracle Jobs

Starting with 10g and the introduction of DMBS_SCHEDULER, Oracle database began tracking and storing the execution duration of a job. By default this information is kept around for 30 days. You can of course change the logging level and the retention period for the job runs – read the docs! The job runs can be […]

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Is Your Query Running?

You better run and catch it then! You know you’re getting old when the new crop of kids don’t get this joke, or even worse, don’t understand what a prank phone call is. I’m pretty sure that folks still get phone calls from frustrated people who want to know how much time is left before […]

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