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Die! Or How to Cancel Queries in Oracle SQL Developer

I’m not sure why, but it appears many of you wish you could take back your SQL queries. It’s like that one time you posted that picture on Facebook and immediately (3 days later) you realized it wasn’t a great career move. Maybe that data you asked for wasn’t going to be that helpful if […]

Locks and Killing Sessions in Oracle SQL Developer

Getting the Windows ‘busy’ hourglass cursor is sure to raise anyone’s blood pressure. Sometimes you’re left there waiting because a resource you’re attempting to access is already being used by someone else. So you get to WAIT. You are being BLOCKED because what you want is LOCKED. How can you see what the hold-up is? […]

Customizing Monitor Sessions in Oracle SQL Developer

Want to monitor or browse the sessions running on your database? You could query v or gv$session and get an idea of what’s happening. But often you want and need to join into waits, locks, performance data, plans, etc. to get a full picture of what your users and applications are doing in the database. […]

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