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Your Guide to New Features in Oracle SQL Developer version 3.1

Did you miss the big news yesterday? We released the next version of Oracle SQL Developer, 3.1. SQL Developer is the IDE for the Oracle database. Millions have downloaded it, more have used it. We try to do one to two releases a year and look to support those folks doing development, management, modeling, migrations, […]

Toad 11 Sneak Peek Part Deux

I had some time to beta test this morning, and I thought I would share some of the new tweeks and features that will be available in version 11.0 of Toad for Oracle. I spent some time previously showing off a new feature for you PL/SQL geeks out there, Code Analysis. If you are a […]

My Oracle Twitter List

Are you new to Twitter, and need people to follow to get the conversation started? If you work with Oracle, then please continue reading. Don’t forget to check out @BrentO’s Twitter Book! I harangued (definition) my colleague and close friend this morning until he relented in joining Twitter. He specializes in Oracle, so I thought […]

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