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Preserving Privilege Grants Whilst Editing Views in Oracle SQL Developer

Today’s Question: How do we prevent Oracle SQL Developer from dropping the grants/privileges when modifying a view. While using SQL Developer we modified a view and once saved it removed all of the user access previously set up for the view. This did not previously take place when using… Ugh. That doesn’t sound good at […]

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Grants Now Included in SQL Developer SQL Pages

Quickly copying objects to a new environment is easy in SQL Developer. You simply go to the object in the tree and access the SQL page. However a few of our users were complaining that we weren’t including the object privileges that had been GRANTed in the SQL script. So after re-creating the object in […]

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Managing User & Role Security with Oracle SQL Developer

With the advent of SQL Developer v3.0, users have had access to some powerful database administration features. Version 3.1 introduced more powerful features such as an interface to Data Pump and RMAN. Today I want to talk about some very simple but frequently ran tasks that SQL Developer can assist with, like: identifying privs granted […]

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