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Quick Hit: Number of Rows Returned By a Query

Question: How can I make SQL Developer display the number of rows returned by a query? Answer: Execute the query, and fetch all the rows. But I’m not seeing it! and fetch all the rows. This part is important. Execution using ctrl+enter executes statement, and returns the FIRST ‘fetch’, by default of 50 records. First […]

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30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days, Day 13: Executing Very Large Scripts

What’s a very large script? That’s a subjective question, and the answer will depend somewhat on the hardware specs of your machine. I got this question yesterday: @thatjeffsmith is there a limit to the number of lines I can paste into the code editor in SQL developer? — louise mcscootash (@metalouise) September 12, 2014 I […]

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30 SQL Developer Tips in 30 Days, Day 4: Statement Execution

A few quick things to remember: Try to always use statement delimiters Even before I go to execute this ‘statement’, SQL Devleoper is telling me I have a problem. The grammar check is failing. Notice those red squiggle lines? They actually mean something. So, add a semi-colon, or do this: Know the difference between executing […]

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SQL Developer: Why Do You Require Semicolons When Executing SQL in the Worksheet?

There are many database tools out there that support Oracle database. Oracle SQL Developer just happens to be the one that is produced and shipped by the same folks that bring you the database product. Several other 3rd party tools out there allow you to have a collection of SQL statements in their editor and […]

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