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Top 10 Reasons SQL Developer is Perfect for Oracle Beginners

Learning new technologies can be daunting. If you’ve never used a Mac before, you’ll probably be a bit baffled at first. But, you’re probably at least coming from a desktop computing background (Windows), so you common frame of reference. But what if you’re just now learning to use a relational database? Yes, you’ve played with […]

A little DB curious? (Databases that is)

Since I announced my new job at Oracle, I’ve had more than a few friends and associates approach me about databases. They’ve always wondered just what it is that I talk about all the time, or perhaps they want to get their feet wet and want to know more about data in general. I think […]

I Just Wanna Connect to Oracle!

I have had quite a few SQL Server folks tell me their first experience with Oracle (database) was a very bad one. It’s easy to understand why. Microsoft makes it very easy to connect to SQL Server from a Windows OS. If you have installed SQL Server on your machine, you also get a very […]

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